2/20/2018 Shelley Horrow Great service and friendly folks!
2/15/2018 Jennifer King I've been bringing my BMW's to Nate's for years now, and it's always a good experience. They're always friendly, and professional, but most of all they really know what they're doing, and get the job done right!
2/13/2018 Jane Mary I would be so much younger now if Nate and Meg had been taking care of my BMW during the sixteen years that I've had it. I would have slept better knowing that they were educated to know that my car takes 5.2 qts of oil, instead of the 7 qts. a 'reputable' BMW specialist insisted on 'force feeding' my Beemer. I also wouldn't have had to stress about my check engine light going on after leaving my car at their shop, the way it did several times when leaving reputable shops because those shops forgot to reconnect this or that as part of the repair protocol. My car would not gush oil after an filter housing repair, the way it did just recently thanks to yet another reputable, friendly German car shop taking a shortcut and using silicone, instead of following manufacturer instructions. With my car in Meg and Nate's hands, I can be at peace knowing that some hanger-on would not be allowed into their shop to 'clean' my car - without my authorization - with a spray bottle and a rag, and then seal in the residual dirt with liquid wax. I would not have to deal with my radio 'co-incidentally' no longer working right after another reputable place serviced my car. And my sunroof which I loved using every day for 10 months of each of the 16 years, would still be working, instead of broken from leaving my car at another 'reputable,' friendly repair shop. They're all nice. Who cares. Nice doesn't mean that they know what they're doing. Nice doesn't mean that they won't cheat you. Nice doesn't mean that they are passionate about their work. Nice doesn't mean that they received years of absolutely essential technical training. I've clawed (not literally) my face up and pulled out so much of my hair over the years dealing with mechanics who call themselves, BMW specialists, that I was seriously thinking of doing away with my car, dumping it at a wrecking yard, whatever, and buying a new one. But, I can't do that. I've become too attached to Meg and Nate and Gordy. Gordy's their pup who sometimes throws me a ball when we meet. And though he tosses it to me with his mouth - he hasn't learned to use his paws yet - it was never a curved ball. Don't get me wrong. I'm not just keeping my car so I can visit these passionately dedicated auto-scholars from time to time. I'm keeping my car because I feel like I did 16 years ago: Totally carefree and safe driving it. It's like falling in love with my car, all over again. Like I did when I first saw it. Thank you, Meg and Nate, and your entire refreshingly educated crew.
2/13/2018 Sue Burry They always do a fine job and keep my 1995 BMW running like a champ.
2/11/2018 Susan Mauriello great service.... as usual!!!
2/10/2018 Anonymous Outstanding service as always. The only shop I'll ever bring my BMW 740i to.
2/9/2018 Arturo Ramirez Saved so much money and all in a timely manner. *MiniCooper.
2/8/2018 Tayward Wong Fast and thorough. Always a pleasant experience.
2/8/2018 Eric McCall Just what you want in this kind of service. Quick in, fixed in a day, quick out, and they even provide shuttle service. Very handy if you don't have that second car/driver to help you out. Fair pricing, clear explanations of work done. If you value local commerce, support a family owned business like this one!
1/20/2018 Chris Perry Thank you, everything is done ,everyone was great .
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